Best of the Fest 2016

Tix: “Of the Sea”/”Quiet Title”

Friday, June 3, 7PM
SCA Brent Auditorium

Of the Sea
dir. Mischa Hedges [85 minutes]

Of The Sea preceded by

Quiet Title
dir. Alina Taalman [33 minutes]
SDFF 2016 Jury Award Winner: Short Documentary

Tix: “A New Color”/”Thrive”

Friday, June 24, 7PM
SCA Brent Auditorium

A New Color: The Art of Being Edythe Boone
dir. Marlene "Mo" Morris [57 minutes]

A New Color preceded by

dir. Paul Szynol [13 minutes]


Tix: “Ron Taylor”/”Ghost Town”

Friday, July 15, 7PM
SCA Brent Auditorium

Ghost Town to Havana
dir. Eugene Corr [87 minutes]
SDFF 2016 Audience Award Winner: Short Documentary

preceded by

Ron Taylor: Dr. Baseball
dirs. Drew Taylor, Matt Taylor [17 minutes]

Tix: “Drawing the Tiger”

Friday, August 19, 7PM
SCA Brent Auditorium

Drawing the Tiger
dirs. Amy Benson, Ramyata Limbu, Scott Squire [98 minutes]
SDFF 2016 Special Jury Mention

Tix: “The Trials of Spring”

Friday, October 7, 7PM
SCA Brent Auditorium

The Trials of Spring
dir. Gini Reticker [80 minutes]
SDFF 2016 Jury Award Winner: Feature Documentary

Tix: “50 Feet”/”In the Image”

Friday, October 28, 7PM
SCA Brent Auditorium

In The Image: Palestinian Women Capture the Occupation
dirs. Emmy Scharlatt, Judith Montell [61 minutes]

preceded by

50 Feet From Syria
dir. Skye Fitzgerald [39 minutes]
SDFF 2016 Audience Award Winner: Short Documentary