Adi | at the Confluence

Runtime: 20 minutes

Meet the Adi people, who are challenged by increased pressure of land, water and identity as China and India vie over who controls the territory.

Double Talk

Runtime: 14 minutes

Dubbing is more than just a job for actor Joan Pera, who has been the onscreen voice in Spain of Woody Allen, Jerry Lewis and countless others. Joan has been the Spanish and Catalan voice of Hollywood stars for three decades. Now, with his son Roger in the game, this story of the weird and […]


Runtime: 79 minutes

With rare access to nomadic family living, the film reveals the unprecedented environmental and sociopolitical forces the Drokpa people are facing.


Runtime: 14 minutes

What if the city streets filled with fat people dancing happily, energetically, all in unison? Juicy D. Light believes that people should live “out loud” whatever their body size and she is not alone.

The Freedom To Marry

Runtime: 86 minutes

Take a riveting ride alongside Evan Wolfson, Mary Bonauto and the Freedom to Marry movement, one of the most successful civil rights campaigns in modern history.

The Groove Is Not Trivial

Runtime: 60 minutes

Master fiddler Alasdair Fraser’s personal journey led him to dig deep into his Scottish musical roots, where he finds a universal pulse — a groove.

Junkyard Alchemist

Runtime: 18 minutes

Renowned transformer of junk, Sebastopol’s Native Son of Florence Street, French-Canadian artist Patrick Amiot and his wife, painter Brigitte Laurent, are documented over the three years they have spent building their pièce de résistance — a 50-foot diameter carousel with 44 rideable reclaimed art pieces celebrating Canadian themes.

La Laguna

Runtime: 38 minutes

A Mayan boy, Yu’uk, and his younger brother face enormous change and growth as their lifestyle in the southern rainforests of Mexico is threatened.

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The Peacemaker

Runtime: 90 minutes

International peacemaker Padraig O’Malley helps make peace for others but struggles to find it for himself.  For five years, the filmmaker follows Padraig as he travels from his isolated life in Massachusetts to some of the most dangerous crisis zones on the planet — from Northern Ireland to Kosovo, Nigeria to Iraq — where Padraig […]