Snow Day; Life, Death and Skiing

Snow Day; Life, Death and Skiing follows a group of senior skiers on their weekly trip up to the Colorado Rockies. Full of life and frequently facing profound adversity, these men and women share stories of love, loss, and personal growth that play out in high contrast to the athleticism, freedom and joy they exhibit on the mountain.

Seven Songs for a Long Life

How did it happen? A movie about six hospice patients which is funny, touching and passionate. A great score by Mark Orton leads us through the uncertainty — after a terminal diagnosis, we can now live for years, rather than months. The documentary cast members are quirky, wry front-runners in a journey that we will all face — inspiring each other and us in their enjoyment of life.

The Joneses

Jheri Jones is the 74-year-old transgender matriarch of a unique Mississippi Bible Belt family. Reconciled after years of estrangement, and now living with two of her four sons in her trailer park home, Jheri embarks on a new path to reveal her true self to her grandchildren, while her son Trevor begins a surprising journey of his own, in this compelling documentary about an unorthodox family and the deeply complex personal bonds that make or break us.

The Chair of Life

What holds two sisters-in-law together over a lifetime? Carmen and Maria are two old ladies who support each other in their daily lives despite being alone. Instead of a walking stick, Carmen uses an old wooden chair to get about.

Big Sonia

Sonia Warshawski at ninety has been an inspirational public speaker at schools and prisons for years. Her stories of surviving the Holocaust as a teenager have inspired countless people who once felt their own traumas would leave them broken forever. When Sonia is served an eviction notice for her iconic tailor shop, she’s confronted with an agonizing decision: either open up a new shop, or retire. Staying busy has kept the dark parts away. Now that Sonia faces retirement, her horrific past resurfaces.