With rare access to nomadic family living, the film reveals the unprecedented environmental and sociopolitical forces these people are facing. Living on the vast yet rapidly degrading grasslands on the high plateau of eastern Tibet, this story is a tribute to the resilience of the human spirit. Richly observed daily lives and family relationships become both deeply personal and illustrative of the evolutionary issues of gender and freedom as the Nomads, the Drokpa, are forced to adapt to a changing climate.

Adi | at the Confluence

Far east in the Himalayan border of India and China lives the tribal Adi people, a beautiful and unique culture. China now reasserts its territorial claim to the Indian state which holds the land of the Adis. Will the Adis remain Indian? Will their tribal language and culture survive? The resilience of this unique tribe is revealed amidst a confluence of issues related to their land, water and identity.

The Yes Men Are Revolting

Legendary prankster protesters Mike Bonanno and Andy Bichlbaum chronicle their latest efforts to expose corporate greed and political malfeasance – while in the midst of their own midlife crises. Their new priorities and responsibilities start to have a noticeable effect on their creative partnership. That does not, however, stop them from continuing to make trouble — and news.

Two Rivers

The Clark Fork and Blackfoot Rivers flow west from the wild country at the headwaters of the Continental Divide. These same waters are some of the most polluted in America. This paradox manifests itself at the rivers’ confluence in western Montana, where decades of extractive industry deposited tons of toxic sediment at Milltown Dam. For better or worse, the American West is changing so the dam is slated for removal and a historic timber mill is closed down and dismantled. This is the New West, a place where “Two Rivers” reveals that change is the rule.

Of The Sea

As the ocean’s fish stocks become increasingly threatened and coastal waters come under government regulation the role of the fishing community is changing. “Of The Sea” tells this story from the perspective of local fisherman and seafood providers who must now navigate this changing industry. They discuss their dual role of sustaining their livelihood while sustaining a healthy fish population. In the face of a declining industry we hear from fisherman and marine experts about the future of fishing in California.

Beneath Paradise

The island of Culebra, located off the coast of Puerto Rico, has one of the richest ecosystems in the Caribbean. Just beneath the waves, however, sit countless amounts of unexploded World War II-era munitions, prompting activists, fishermen, and former military to come together in an attempt to restore the coral reefs.

In English and Spanish with English subtitles

Part of our “Women Filmmakers” and “Saturday Shorts 4” special programs.

Texas Gold

The award-winning documentary Texas Gold follows Diane Wilson, mother of five and a fourth generation fisherwoman. This self-proclaimed “unreasonable woman” uses hunger strikes and civil disobedience actions to battle the giants of the petrochemical industry in the most toxic place in America. Surviving imprisonment and surveillance, Diane believes that “putting your life at risk is where change happens.”

Oil on Ice

Oil on Ice examines the battle over oil development within the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. This classic struggle features the dramatic wildlife that adapted to this environment and the cultures of the Gwich’in Athabascan Indians and Inupiat Eskimos that rely on this wildlife for their subsistence. The issue of oil extraction from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge brings into sharp focus the broader debate over energy conservation versus unbridled consumption.