What if the city streets filled with fat people dancing happily, energetically, all in unison? Juicy D. Light is a fat dancer. She believes that people should live “out loud” whatever their body size and she is not alone. This film tracks Juicy D.’s dream and follows her plan to bring a group of colorfully dressed people to dance in the streets of San Francisco, showing the rest of us what it looks like to be fat and happy.


“Waterbabies” explores the world of synchronized swimming by way of an American teenage team; The New Canaan Aquianas. The film follows the girls as they train, practice, compete and become dexterous masters. We see the ambitions these young teenage girls explore through swimming. The many challenges of female teenage life inevitably surface as well. What’s clear is that the girls are incredibly passionate about this sport.

Streetdance Family

“Streetdance Family” is the story of UK under-16 street dance crew Entity’s journey to the world championship in Germany. The film follows them through their rigorous training as they face the challenges of preparing for international competition. Their personal stories unfold through interviews with dancers, coaches and families, deepening our understanding of what drives them to go for the gold.


This portrait of dancer Lauren Cuthbertson, principal dancer at UK’s Royal Ballet, reveals the brutal reality of being a top ballerina as she performs a mesmerising piece of choreography. Whether or not you like ballet this beautifully filmed short will leave you in awe as it captures all the grace and skill of this dancer in a few short minutes.

Feelings Are Facts: The Life of Yvonne Rainer

In 1966, a young dancer and choreographer from San Francisco made an unconventional solo which became a decisive moment in the history of contemporary dance. Then she began experimenting with film. At the age of 56 she came out as a lesbian, and in 1997 she won the Teddy Award. Today, aged 80, she is still working on the stage, after Mikhail Baryshnikov persuaded her to make a belated comeback as a choreographer. This is the story of Yvonne Rainer: choreographer,  filmmaker, intellect, and feminist and the equally remarkable times that shaped her creative practice.