An aging building tells the story of a day in the life of two people still living in its humble accommodations. A 92-year old Mr. Istvan and reclusive Mrs. Magdi, neighbors for many years, meet.

Waiting for Women

In the remote Spanish village of ‘Riofrio’, most of the women left years ago leaving the men without any hope for a relationship. With the ideal aim to fall in love, they bring in a busload of women from Madrid.  What could possibly go wrong? Directed by Chilean/German Estephan Wagner, Waiting for Women is a heart-warming documentary about the triumph of love over solitude set in a story of migration and hope.

Two Worlds

The film is a portrait of deaf parents and their 12-year old daughter Laura who takes on the role of her father’s and mother’s mouths and ears. Laura is also the medium who, with empathy, introduces the spectator to the daily life of people with disabilities. Beyond her translations, she has become a transmitter of her parent’s emotions to a hearing world.

Three people, two ways of perceiving reality… and one family.

Pan de Vida (Bread of Life)

This is Alejandro’s testimony as a gay priest. Father Alejandro knows many of his colleagues are gays or lesbians who will not openly express affection for fear of expulsion from the Church. He lives Christianity as a religion of happiness and joy, not punishment and suffering. In that light, he lives openly gay without guilt.

Les Sauteurs (Those Who Jump)

From Africa, Abou watches the fence and imagines a future in Europe ahead of him. For over a year, he and thousands of other migrants have attempted to jump the enormous fence system that separates Morocco from a tiny land spit of Spain. Beyond this enclave Melilla spreads the Mediterranean towards Spanish mainland. Behind the camera, Abou portrays the struggle for dignity and freedom on the militarized frontier.

KINO OTOK: Islands of Forgotten Cinemas

This poetic documentary is about the lost culture of cinema-going in small towns on Croatian islands. In the second half of the last century, six witnesses recall the past times, their favorite movies and events surrounding film screenings that had a profound impact on their lives.

I Am Sarah Maple

British artist Sarah Maple’s art and life is on display in this documentary. Her work is unfailingly bold and brave, not for the coy or faint of heart. Her mixed heritage unapologetically influences her art as she examines her intersection of feminism, Islam and modern-day life. After one of her pieces ignites controversy and threatens her safety, Sarah Maple is forced to reexamine her work and process as she approaches her first solo show since her life-threatening incident.

Double Talk

Dubbing is more than just a job for actor Joan Pera, who has been the onscreen voice in Spain of Woody Allen, Jerry Lewis and countless others. Joan has been the Spanish and Catalan voice of Hollywood stars for three decades. Now, with his son Roger in the game, this story of the weird and wonderful world of international dubbing is sharpened with teasing and family rivalry.

The Chair of Life

What holds two sisters-in-law together over a lifetime? Carmen and Maria are two old ladies who support each other in their daily lives despite being alone. Instead of a walking stick, Carmen uses an old wooden chair to get about.


Since the collapse of the communist regime in 1989, Bulgaria has experienced the most extreme population decline in the world. Low birth rates, high death rates, and two large waves of emigration have erased villages from Bulgaria’s map and pushed others to the verge of extinction. Altimir explores life in one of Bulgaria’s disappearing villages haunted by the promises of communism and capitalism.


“1989” is the story of Prime Minister Miklós Németh of Hungary, and at the same time it is the inside story of the events leading to the destruction of the Berlin Wall. Németh plays himself in reenactments making novel use of historical film. As the plot unfolds young Németh takes power as a reformer amongst hardliners but events accelerate as he takes down the border fence. His survival and triumph are portrayed in archival video.

Wastecooking: Make Food, Not Waste

According to the UN FAO, one-third of all food produced around the world ends up in the garbage. With the help of a car that runs on used vegetable oil, a mobile stove and a host of culinary ideas, David Gross travels to five European countries, where the only thing on the menu is what others call garbage. There he whips up creative meals aimed at fighting food waste. Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France are all on the menu.

Streetdance Family

“Streetdance Family” is the story of UK under-16 street dance crew Entity’s journey to the world championship in Germany. The film follows them through their rigorous training as they face the challenges of preparing for international competition. Their personal stories unfold through interviews with dancers, coaches and families, deepening our understanding of what drives them to go for the gold.

A Few Stanzas to Our Mothers

Filmmaker Brusilovsky takes us for a nostalgic tour of his family history as he unfolds the life of his mother. Leveraging family photo albums and home movies, along with archival material, he brings his mother’s experience to life. The film is a saga revealing how history, culture and politics affected and shaped his mother’s impressive life in this heartfelt tribute.

The Discrete Charm of Geometry

Witness the excitement of discovery, competition and recognition all shown as it unfolds. Scientists pursue the idea of ‘discretization’, which uses mathematics to construct continuous objects from basic building blocks. This film explores the boundaries between mathematics and the lives of those who are involved in it. It is a who’s who of the stars of modern mathematics with some fascinating character studies.

At Midnight (2016 Critic's Award Winner)

SDFF 2016 Critic's Award: Short Documentary

Maria escaped from Communist Hungary during the 1956 uprising. She was seeking creative freedom, but her husband could not tear himself away from his successful filmmaking career to go with her. As she attempted to build a new life in Australia, he made a feature film about her escape. His film was revolutionary for its time and wildly successful. Fifty-seven years later, she tells her version of the story.