Waiting for Women

In the remote Spanish village of ‘Riofrio’, most of the women left years ago leaving the men without any hope for a relationship. With the ideal aim to fall in love, they bring in a busload of women from Madrid.  What could possibly go wrong? Directed by Chilean/German Estephan Wagner, Waiting for Women is a heart-warming documentary about the triumph of love over solitude set in a story of migration and hope.

Visitor's Day

An intimate portrait verite of one young man growing up at IPODERAC — a non-profit farm in Puebla, Mexico, dedicated to the care and social development of street children. This film follows the struggles of a neglected boy, Juan Carlos, who strives for self-acceptance and maturity in a sea of abandoned children.

The Emmy-nominated director sees the story as a beacon of hope and a positive depiction of our neighboring country.

Strings Attached

The Fratello Marionettes duo perform a timeless craft with consummate skill. Their youthful audiences are drawn into a magical world of beautifully made doll-like creatures come alive. Strings Attached is a blend of master puppet maker/performers putting on a show and giving us insights into their craft and their lives. They perform to beautiful music by Saint Saëns. There is laughter along the way but this video builds to a conclusion evoking deep emotions.

Snow Day; Life, Death and Skiing

Snow Day; Life, Death and Skiing follows a group of senior skiers on their weekly trip up to the Colorado Rockies. Full of life and frequently facing profound adversity, these men and women share stories of love, loss, and personal growth that play out in high contrast to the athleticism, freedom and joy they exhibit on the mountain.

School Play

A 5th grade theater production of The Wizard of Oz becomes a larger-than-life coming of age drama. As pressure mounts and with opening night rapidly approaching, these children — the class clown, the overachiever, the chubby kid, the stutterer — are forced to face their hopes and fears, and all their peers. In this hilarious tribute to the end of childhood, who knew growing up was so hard?


At a time when religious hatreds dominate the world’s headlines, Sacred explores faith as primary human experience: how people turn to ritual and prayer to navigate the milestones and crises of private life. Compiling footage from top independent filmmakers in more than twenty-five countries, Thomas Lennon’s Sacred is a tour de force as he unifies these scenes into a single work. The film is told without narration, without experts and, for long stretches, without words at all.

My Love Affair with the Brain: The Life and Science of Dr. Marian Diamond

Want a better brain? Meet Dr. Marian Diamond, renowned teacher and research scientist, and prepare to be smitten. Learn about her many scientific accomplishments and meet the thoroughly charming woman herself, who describes her 60 years researching the brain as “pure joy.” As one of the founders of modern neuroscience, Dr. Diamond has changed forever our paradigm for understanding the brain.

Miss Shade Is Missing

A 3rd grade class in Brooklyn recounts its worst day in school that year. It was a very bad day… and surprisingly funny.

Les Sauteurs (Those Who Jump)

From Africa, Abou watches the fence and imagines a future in Europe ahead of him. For over a year, he and thousands of other migrants have attempted to jump the enormous fence system that separates Morocco from a tiny land spit of Spain. Beyond this enclave Melilla spreads the Mediterranean towards Spanish mainland. Behind the camera, Abou portrays the struggle for dignity and freedom on the militarized frontier.

KINO OTOK: Islands of Forgotten Cinemas

This poetic documentary is about the lost culture of cinema-going in small towns on Croatian islands. In the second half of the last century, six witnesses recall the past times, their favorite movies and events surrounding film screenings that had a profound impact on their lives.

Junkyard Alchemist

Renowned transformer of junk, Sebastopol’s Native Son of Florence Street, French-Canadian artist Patrick Amiot and his wife, painter Brigitte Laurent, are documented over the three years they have spent building their pièce de résistance — a 50-foot diameter carousel with 44 rideable reclaimed art pieces celebrating Canadian themes. When the carousel is complete and the dust has settled on safety and installation rigors, Amiot wonders, “will it ever spin?”

Inside These Walls

Wang Bingzhang, founder of the Overseas Chinese Democracy Movement, has spent the last fourteen years in a Chinese prison for the crime of political activism. Although he once abandoned his family to pursue his political beliefs, his ex-wife and children campaign tirelessly for his release. Inside These Walls captures the complex range of emotions of a family bound together in struggle and hope.

I Am Sarah Maple

British artist Sarah Maple’s art and life is on display in this documentary. Her work is unfailingly bold and brave, not for the coy or faint of heart. Her mixed heritage unapologetically influences her art as she examines her intersection of feminism, Islam and modern-day life. After one of her pieces ignites controversy and threatens her safety, Sarah Maple is forced to reexamine her work and process as she approaches her first solo show since her life-threatening incident.

The Groove Is Not Trivial

Master fiddler Alasdair Fraser’s personal journey in search of self-expression is a quest that has led him to dig deep into his Scottish musical roots. There, he finds a universal pulse — a groove, a through-line from the past that sparks hopeful possibilities for the future. The irrepressible Fraser proves that the groove in traditional music transcends toe-tapping fun — it can be a source of personal and political liberation.

The Freedom To Marry

Over the last four decades, the concept of same-sex couples marrying went from a ‘preposterous notion’ to national law. The Freedom to Marry movement is one of the most successful civil rights campaigns in modern history. That said, its victory was carefully planned and orchestrated over decades. Take a riveting ride alongside Evan Wolfson and Mary Bonauto, architect and key litigator of the movement – from the earliest days to their final frenetic dash to the US Supreme Court.

Double Talk

Dubbing is more than just a job for actor Joan Pera, who has been the onscreen voice in Spain of Woody Allen, Jerry Lewis and countless others. Joan has been the Spanish and Catalan voice of Hollywood stars for three decades. Now, with his son Roger in the game, this story of the weird and wonderful world of international dubbing is sharpened with teasing and family rivalry.


A kaleidoscopic picture of the pirate movie industry in Managua, Nicaragua; an immersive glimpse into lives built around selling bootleg movies in the street. This film is both a sensory exploration of specific intercultural spaces and a meditation on the way Hollywood products are transformed into basic commodities that people depend on for their daily survival. It invites us to consider a personal side of “piracy” that isn’t often seen.

Body and Soul: An American Bridge

Out of all the cross-cultural encounters that have resulted in the richness of American popular music, none has been so prominent or so fraught with fraternity and conflict as the relationships between African Americans and American Jews. Body and Soul: An American Bridge aims to tease out the strands of this cultural knot by focusing on the early performance history of the jazz standard, “Body and Soul,” one of the most recorded songs in the jazz repertoire.


Since the collapse of the communist regime in 1989, Bulgaria has experienced the most extreme population decline in the world. Low birth rates, high death rates, and two large waves of emigration have erased villages from Bulgaria’s map and pushed others to the verge of extinction. Altimir explores life in one of Bulgaria’s disappearing villages haunted by the promises of communism and capitalism.

Adi | at the Confluence

Far east in the Himalayan border of India and China lives the tribal Adi people, a beautiful and unique culture. China now reasserts its territorial claim to the Indian state which holds the land of the Adis. Will the Adis remain Indian? Will their tribal language and culture survive? The resilience of this unique tribe is revealed amidst a confluence of issues related to their land, water and identity.