Southwest of Salem

At the tail end of the “Satanic ritual abuse panic” of the 1990’s, four Latina lesbian women in San Antonio, Texas were accused and wrongfully convicted of a heinous sexual assault. Known as ‘The San Antonio Four’, these women, after serving over a decade in prison, refuse to stop fighting to prove their innocence in this heart-wrenching examination of the criminal justice system.

Sour Grapes

With pockets full of cash, charisma and a preternatural memory for vintages, an unassuming young Rudy Kurniawan earns the reputation of a wine savant, surrounding himself with some of high society’s most fervent wine connoisseurs. But when Bill Koch, a top US collector, and Laurent Ponsot, a Burgundian wine producer, discover suspicious bottles, a humorous and suspenseful investigation begins into one of the most ingenious cons of our time.

Inside These Walls

Wang Bingzhang, founder of the Overseas Chinese Democracy Movement, has spent the last fourteen years in a Chinese prison for the crime of political activism. Although he once abandoned his family to pursue his political beliefs, his ex-wife and children campaign tirelessly for his release. Inside These Walls captures the complex range of emotions of a family bound together in struggle and hope.

The Freedom To Marry

Over the last four decades, the concept of same-sex couples marrying went from a ‘preposterous notion’ to national law. The Freedom to Marry movement is one of the most successful civil rights campaigns in modern history. That said, its victory was carefully planned and orchestrated over decades. Take a riveting ride alongside Evan Wolfson and Mary Bonauto, architect and key litigator of the movement – from the earliest days to their final frenetic dash to the US Supreme Court.

Arc of Justice

Arc of Justice traces the inspiring journey of New Communities Inc., defining the struggle for racial and economic justice among African Americans in southwest Georgia. Persevered as the largest black-owned farm in the country despite relentless opposition, New Communities lost its land in 1985 due to discriminatory lending practices by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, but later prevailed in an historic lawsuit, staking its claim to new land and a new beginning in 2009.

The Trials of Spring (2016 Jury Award Winner)

SDFF 2016 Jury Award: Feature Documentary

When 21-year-old Hend Nafea travels from her village to Cairo to add her voice to demand an end to military rule, she is beaten, arrested, and tortured. After her release, she is punished and imprisoned by her family for shaming their name. Nevertheless, she becomes a human rights activist and continues to work for democracy. Hend’s story mirrors the trajectory of the Arab Spring; from hope to despair and back. This film includes extensive video from the protests and Hend’s life in Cairo.

Texas Gold

The award-winning documentary Texas Gold follows Diane Wilson, mother of five and a fourth generation fisherwoman. This self-proclaimed “unreasonable woman” uses hunger strikes and civil disobedience actions to battle the giants of the petrochemical industry in the most toxic place in America. Surviving imprisonment and surveillance, Diane believes that “putting your life at risk is where change happens.”