Visitor's Day

An intimate portrait verite of one young man growing up at IPODERAC — a non-profit farm in Puebla, Mexico, dedicated to the care and social development of street children. This film follows the struggles of a neglected boy, Juan Carlos, who strives for self-acceptance and maturity in a sea of abandoned children.

The Emmy-nominated director sees the story as a beacon of hope and a positive depiction of our neighboring country.

Through the Wall

For two years now, on Sundays, Abril makes a treacherous trip from her home in Southern California to the US/Mexico border. An undocumented immigrant, Abril carries her two-year-old son Julián, an American citizen, to the border each week so they can have family-time with Julián’s father, Uriel. Two years before, Uriel was deported for a minor traffic citation. Julián only knows his father through the wall from these brief furtive meetings.