SDFF 2023 DATES: MARCH 16-19


A Doc Festival for All

Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival is driven by an immense curiosity to learn and understand the lives of others, lives different in experience and age from our own. Submissions are open to anyone, from every part of the world. Films are chosen for excellence in craft, character, storytelling and authenticity. Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival is an Oscar® qualifying Film Festival

There are as many ways to tell stories in film as there are filmmakers. Animation, color, music, archival material, silence, laughter, reenactment … all are explored to cross the gaps of unknown, underrepresented, unseen, unfelt experience and truth. Knowing what it’s like for any life to wake to its existence guides us in critical thought.

Get comfy and engage in what’s real.

We stand in solidarity with people of color and anti-racists protesting police violence and other forms of state-sanctioned white supremacy. In support of this ongoing movement, and in-keeping with our belief in the power of documentary to help us look beyond ourselves and to foster critical thinking, we’ve added a permanent, evolving section to this website, dedicated to social justice in documentary media. This section is intended to supplement, not supplant, the inclusion of these issues in the festival’s film selections, news updates and other content, and to provide a central place for our audience to find information and resources. Click Here to see the current iteration of this page.

News from SDFF

24 JANUARY 2023 AWARDS. HONORS. FESTIVALS. SPECIAL SCREENINGS + EVENTS. Jack Weisman and Gabriela Oslo Vanden’s Nuisance Bear (2021) won the award for Outstanding Achievement...

17 JANUARY 2023 NEW FILMS & PROJECTS FROM SDFF FILMMAKERS Three SDFF alumni directors have new docs showing at Sundance Film Festival: Davina Pardo’s Judy...

10 JANUARY 2023 AWARDS. HONORS. FESTIVALS. SPECIAL SCREENINGS + EVENTS. No Straight Lines (2021), Vivian Kleinman’s doc about queer comics, will make its national television debut on...

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