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from Docs Make House Calls 2020

Full Interview with The Wild Director Mark Titus Coming Aug. 9!

Here’s A Taste…

“Love is such a stronger emotion, much more durable, resilient and lasting and driving emotion than hatred which seems more ephemeral. By design we wanted to create this story based on this question; How do you save what you love?”

-Mark Titus, Director, The Wild

Sebastopol Film


Opening night film for SDFF2020 Our Time Machine, screened as part of Docs Make House Calls. This is the Q&A for that online event with directors S. Leo Chiang and Yang Sun.


filmmaker Eva Rendle

SDFF 2020 Docs Make House Calls Preview Week Q&A with Eva Rendle, director of All That Remains with host Jeffrey Zankel.

Cynthia Abbot and Andrea Leland

SDFF 2020 Docs Make House Calls Preview Week Q&A with Cynthia Abbot & Andrea Leland filmmakers of Dick Ogg: Fisherman with host Jeffrey Zankel.

SDFF 2020 Jury Award Winners:
Filmmaker Acceptance Speeches

Feature – Midnight Family
by Luke Lorentzen

Luke Lorentzen accepts the SDFF 2020 Jury Award Winner for Features for his exhilarating Midnight Family.

Set in Mexico City’s wealthiest neighborhoods, the Ochoa family runs a private ambulance, competing with other for-profit EMTs for patients in need of urgent help. As the Ochoas try to make a living in this fraught industry, they struggle to keep their dire finances from compromising the people in their care.

Shorts – Night Cleaners
by Hannah Nordenswan

Night Cleaners is a documentary about the people who clean up while most of the population sleeps. It explores the relationship between spaces and the cleaners who go through them at night, while shining a light on people who are rarely noticed.

The stories of the cleaners have similarities – most are immigrants and all have a special connection to the space they clean. Night Cleaners peeks behind the scenes lets us witness the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Minis – The Whale
by Iza Pająk

Jury Award Winner in Minis, The Whale, Filmmaker The Whale-Iza Pająk gives an acceptance speech.

A whale was found at the side of the Vistula river in Warsaw. How did it get there? As a large crowd gathered, a crew of professionals had cordoned off the area and were attending to it. Were they scientists or city technicians? Was the whale still alive? As we follow the film, we try to unravel this mystery.

Page’s featured image from SDFF 2020’s Our Time Machine by S. Leo Chiang and Yang Sun.