SDFF Co-Director Jean McGlothlin interviews filmmaker Mirra Bank about her important and beautifully shot film, No Fear No Favor. Bank discuses her approach to representing nature conservation and poaching, which encompasses these issues as part of a larger system of interlocking problems, including an economic situation that leads people, like the film’s central character, to poach in the first place. This nuanced consideration of “the health of the whole” allows for more thoughtful, inclusive solutions with the potential to help everyone involved. The duo also chat about Bank’s history of filmmaking, how she ended up making No Fear No Favor, and how her passion for animals informs the film’s style, pathos, and gorgeous cinematography.

This interview with Mirra is one of a handful of filmmaker Q&As and video exclusives made available to the public as part of SDFF 2021. The Q&As will be up year-round.  No Fear No Favor streamed as part of SDFF 2021 from June 10-13.

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